Live and Naked on their WebCams, these Girls are all about Tendresse

Live and naked on my webcam, this is text I got a year ago or so from a girl I had met, and become friendly with.

Now, in the “real” world, a guy receives a communication like that and in all likelihood, the first things that would come to mind would be:

This girl is a slut

Only this one wasn’t. She’d graduated from La Sorbonne, the French very own version of Harvard and she had a brilliant mind.

What she also had was a wicked sense of humor and a more than healthy appetite for all things sexual.  The fact that she was dead gorgeous helped I would say, and there wasn’t a single moment, when we were out and about enjoying the Parisian sights when people we’d see would look at them with envy and hunger.

For me, an expatriate American student from the mid west, that I should be seen accompanied but such a beauty was incredible. Funny the friends you make when a gorgeous woman walks by your side.

One day, as we were walking around and a couple of guys had just tried to accost her with less than chivalry intent, I remember her shaking them off and telling them to look her up in the Annuaire de La Tendresse.

She’d just made this up, annuaire being directory in french and la tendresse, well… you already know what that means.

It was a brilliant name and I told her so, to which she responded that yeah had a nice ring to it. And thus the website was born, filled with information about free webcams, cam girls and where to find the best live sex cam girls around.

I would have just bought a domain with her name but the lady wasn’t too keen.

“I might become a mom one of these days” she giggled and I could imagine her as a mommy, seducing the heck out of her kids teachers… I would be a sight to behold.

Anyho… if you want to see for yourself what naked web cam live really is, well all you have to do is pay her a visit.

She’ll blow you out of your mind.